Exercise and Chiropractic Treatment


Your overall health-maintenance plan should always include exercise! The combination of chiropractic care, in addition to cardiovascular and strengthening exercises, is just the thing for lower back pain management. Daily exercise builds strength, enhances flexibility and is the perfect supplement for any individual receiving chiropractic treatment.

Even if you are not considering chiropractic treatment, daily exercise (to include weight training and stretching) is crucial for managing lower back pain and strengthening the lower back. WebMD explains that “the strength of the abdominal muscles was also found to be able to differentiate between those with vs. without chronic lower back pain.”

Keep Moving

Aerobic exercise, at least three times a week for periods of 20 minutes or more, keeps the muscles toned, the heart beating and the blood pumping.

Types of Exercises

There are many applicable back exercises, points out WebMD, that are available for patients also undergoing chiropractic care for lower back pain. “One can classify the chiropractic patient into a flexion or extension biased category to determine the variety that is best for that patient.” Says the good doctor:

If a patient feels best when bending over (flexion biased), exercises that promote low back flexion such as pulling the knees to the chest, posterior pelvic tilts, bending forward from a sitting position and others are usually helpful.

If a patient is least symptomatic in extension, especially if leg pain centralizes or diminishes (extension biased), prone press-up type exercises usually yield the best results.

Other exercises that can help reduce lower back pain include strengthening of the pelvic stabilizing muscles (trunk muscles), stretching of the hamstrings, adductors, and other overly short or tight postural muscles.

Exercise is Good

According to the Scientific Commission of the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP), “Strong evidence supports exercise as being at least as effective as other non-surgical treatments for chronic low back pain.”

As with any kind of medical treatment, it is important for your chiropractor to perform a focused evaluation on the problems that ail you and the exercise program that will be most effective in augmenting your level of fitness. Using spinal range of motion as a measurement of the effectiveness of exercise is just one way in which chiropractors can make such determinations.

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