What You Can Do to Prevent Common Sports Injuries in Children

volleyballPlaying sports is often a part of childhood. After all, it instills good values about teamwork and physical exercise, but with sports comes the chance of injury. Children are not exempt from this and as a parent you have to be diligent to keep your child healthy no matter what sport they are participating in. Here are some of the most common childhood sports injuries and what you and your child’s chiropractor can do to help avoid them

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is an injury to the knee that most often involves torn cartilage or ligaments. According to the National Institutes of Health, 55 percent of sports injuries are knee injuries, so to say it’s common is an understatement. Any injury of the knee is talked about under the umbrella of “runner’s knee.”

Children who participate in volleyball, cheerleading, swimming, biking, football or basketball are at risk of a knee injury due to the overuse and repetitive movements associated with these sports. Overuse can cause misalignment, which then leads to inflammation and irritation. Making sure your child receives regular chiropractic care when they’re involved in these sports is one way to keep them from getting injured, but making sure they have days of rest is important too.

Sprained Ankle

Children who participate in sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, and volleyball – or any sport that involves jumping, turning quickly or running – are at risk for a sprained ankle. Make sure if your child does injure their ankle you take them to the chiropractor and also ice any injuries right away to help keep inflammation at bay.

Low Back Pain

Adults aren’t the only ones who can experience low back pain. Children who bike, run, play golf and tennis or baseball are at risk for low back pain. Problems with discs, sprain and strain can all cause back pain. Making sure that your child stretches before and after an activity is one of the best preventative measures you can take along with seeing your family chiropractor.

You should encourage your child to participate in sports if they are interested, and every child should get some physical activity in during the day. But it is also a parent’s responsibility to make sure their child is healthy and safe. If you team up with your family chiropractor to take care of your child, then you will lower their chances of injury and that will make everyone happier!

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